***********************************NEW! FIGHT SYSTEM!

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***********************************NEW! FIGHT SYSTEM!

Post  Kat on Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:35 pm

I have tried making this as simple as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! Just please read everything here.

If you notice, under your avatar in each post, there will be a hitpoint bar. The default is 125 - with more experience in fights, you can increase your hp capacity.

How to attack
There is an icon when you go to post there will be an option called "fight"!

If you get a RED X that means you MISSED
If you get a GREEN + that means you HIT

I am the only one that can change hp for now, so it might take a while to update hp bars and it might be a problem if I'm not online. Please be patient. If I accidentally miss your attack, politely notify me.

Attacking another player includes (but is not limited to):
Like a Star @ heaven Hitting
Like a Star @ heaven Possessing
Like a Star @ heaven Basically anything that will cause harm or damage to another player.

If your HP is 0, you cannot attack anymore.

Damage Points
On average, each attack that you do will be around -10.
However, if you get lucky or if another player is considered weakened, I might take more off.

Healing Another Player
IMPORTANT: You can only do this if you are listed as "mage" or "healer" on the Character Page, or you have listed that as one of your abilities.

Healing Transfers your HP to another player you want to save. Simply post "I want to heal ____ with ___ of my HP"

ie: I want to transfer 25 HP to Bob.
Bob has 100 hp, I have 125 hp.

After healing Bob:
Bob has 125 hp, I have 100 hp.

Healing yourself
You have to sleep or rest for one day. This heals yourself +25 HP.

During this time you cannot:
Like a Star @ heaven Attack anyone
Like a Star @ heaven Heal anyone


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